WE plan ahead – for promising future projects

WE help clients to solve their tasks with suitable measures. And we put the highest emphasis on the word SUITABLE. Although our qualifications as well our experience are based on state of the art technologies, we always question the suitability of measures.

WE are very much aware that high-tech does not necessarily have to be the most suitable answer to a problem. Consequently we focus activities on the best possible solution for the purpose. Under consideration of the tech­no­logical side of a project as well as its over­all lifecycle cost – for the benefit of our clients.

WE provide – General services

WE are a consultancy and engineering company. We operate independently and have no economic commitments to other companies nor do we represent the interests of manufacturers or suppliers.

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In this respect we cover the full range of classical consultancy and engineering services such as:

  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Master planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Application of funding responsable financing
  • Preliminary design
  • Final design
  • Detailed design
  • Elaboration of tender documents
  • Client support in tendering
  • Evaluation of offers
  • Client support in awarding contracts
  • General supervision
  • Construction supervision
  • Assistance in final acceptance procedures


General services

WE offer – Special services

WE do not stop thinking when the classical engineering and consultancy work is done. The success of a project in the environmental
sector strongly depends on the quality of its ongoing management and operation.

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So WE see it as our duty also to support our clients with special services like:

  • Project management
  • Institutional development
  • Commissioning and operation
  • Software development in co-operation with 3SConsult


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